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INFORM has produced the manuscripts below. Check back regularly for new publications.

MacFarlane LA, Arant KR, Kostic AM, Mass H, Jones MH, Collins JE, Losina E, Katz JN. Identifying Inflammation in Knee Osteoarthritis: Relationship of Synovial Fluid White Blood Cell Count to Effusion-Synovitis on Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2022 October 17. PMID: 36250414.

MacFarlane LA, Mass H, Collins JE, Losina E, Katz JN, Chen AF. Response to intra-articular cortisone injections in knee osteoarthritis patients with and without effusion on ultrasound: A pilot study. Osteoarthr Cartil Open. 2023 April 11. PMID: 37122843.

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