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Project status: Active, conducting four-year follow-up with cohort.

An estimated 14 million people in the United States have symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knees. Currently, there are no medications that can stop or reverse the damage due to osteoarthritis. We hope to better understand how osteoarthritis of the knee changes over time and how it affects the lives of patients so that we can help guide new therapies to treat osteoarthritis. With these goals in mind, we started a registry of patients with knee osteoarthritis called ORBIT (Osteoarthritis Registry of Biomarkers and Imaging Trajectories).

We enrolled 101 subjects with symptomatic and radiographic knee arthritis. These patients came in for a baseline visit, one-year follow-up visit, and two-year follow up visit that each included bio-sample collection, bilateral knee MRIs, bilateral knee x-rays, knee ultrasound, a musculoskeletal exam of the strength and range of motion in the knee, and a questionnaire that assesses knee symptoms and other medical and psychosocial variables. We are now conducting a four-year follow up with the ORBIT cohort which includes a questionnaire and medical record review.

This project is supported by Biosplice Therapeutics.



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