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MeTeOR Personnel at OrACORe

Jeffrey Katz, MD, MSc – Principal Investigator
Jamie E. Collins, PhD – Co-Investigator
Elena Losina, PhD, MSc – Co-Investigator
Lindsey A. MacFarlane, MD, MPH – Co-Investigator
Morgan H. Jones, MD, MPH – Co-Investigator
Faith Selzer, PhD – Project Manager
Mike Paskewicz– Senior Data Manager
Lauren Mitchell – Research Coordinator
Annie Holleman – Research Assistant


Hospital for Special Surgery:
Lisa Mandl, MD, MPH – Site Principal Investigator
Robert Marx, MD – Co-Investigator
Benjamin Swett – Site Research Coordinator

Mayo Clinic:
Bruce Levy, MD – Site Principal Investigator
Karina Gonzalez, MD –  Site Data Coordinator
Ciara Terry – Site Research Coordinator

Cleveland Clinic:
Kurt Spindler, MD – Site Principal Investigator
Brian Strippy – Site Research Coordinator
Jennifer Turczyk – Site Research Assistant

Vanderbilt University:
Charles Cox, MD, MPH – Site Principal Investigator
Rosemary Sanders – Site Research Coordinator

Washington University:
Robert Brophy, MD – Site Principal Investigator
Amanda Braun, MA – Site Research Coordinator
Elizabeth Garofoli – Site Research Assistant
Wendy Holloway – Site Research Assistant

Boston University:
Ali Guermazi, MD, PhD – Radiologist
Eleanor Murray, ScD, MPH – Biostatistician

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