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The MeTeOR trial has produced the manuscripts below. Check back regularly for new publications.

Collins JE, Swastina S, Losina E, Marx RG, Guermazi A, Jarraya M, Jones MH, Levy BA, Mandl LA, Williams EE, Wright RW, Spindler, Katz JN, MeTeOR Investigator Group. Five-Year Structural Changes in Patients with Meniscal Tear and Osteoarthritis: Data from an RCT of Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy vs. Physical Therapy. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2022 March 4. PMID: 35245416.

Katz JN, Collins JE, Jones MH, Spindler KP, Marx RG, Mandl LA, Levy BA, Wright R, Jarraya M, Guermazi A, MacFarlane LA, Losina E, Chang Y. Association between structural change over 18 months and subsequent symptom change in middle-aged persons treated for meniscal tear. Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2021 Oct 4. PMID: 34606692.

MacFarlane LA, Yang H, Collins JE, Brophy RH, Cole BJ, Spindler KP, Guermazi A, Jones MH, Mandl LA, Martin S, Marx RG, Levy BA, Stuart M, Safran-Norton C, Wright J, Wright RW, Losina E, Katz JN. Association Between Baseline “Meniscal symptoms” and Outcomes of Operative and Non-Operative Treatment of Meniscal Tear in Patients with Osteoarthritis. Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2021 March 1. PMID: 33650303.

Sullivan JK, Shrestha S, Collins JE, Safran-Norton CE, Losina E, Katz JN.  Association between changes in muscle strength and pain in persons with meniscal tear and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. 2020 September. Link.

Katz JN, Shrestha S, Losina E, Jones MH, Marx RG, Mandl LA, Levy BA, MacFarlane LA, Spindler KP, Silva GS, MeTeOR Investigators, Collins JE. Five-year outcome of operative and non-operative management of meniscal tear in persons greater than 45 years old. Arthritis & Rheumatology. 2019 August 20. PMID: 31429198.

Collins JE, Losina E, Marx RG, Guermazi A, Jarraya M, Jones MH, Levy BA, Mandl LA, Martin SD, Wright RW, Spindler KP, Katz JN; MeTeOR Investigator Group. Early MRI-based changes in patients with meniscal tear and osteoarthritis. Arthritis Care & Research. 2019 April 1. PMID: 30932360. 

MacFarlane LA, Yang H, Collins JE, Guermazi A, Mandl LA, Levy BA, Marx RG, Safran-Norton CE, Losina E, Katz JN.  Relationship Between Patient-Reported Swelling and Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Defined Effusion-Synovitis in Patients With Meniscus Tears and Knee Osteoarthritis. Arthritis care & research. 2019 March. PMID: 29726627.

MacFarlane LA, Yang H, Collins JE, Guermazi A, Jones MH, Spindler KP, Winter AR, Losina E, Katz JN; and the MeTeOR Investigator Group, Brophy RH, Cole BJ, Levy BA, Mandl LA, Martin S, Marx RG, Matava M, Safran-Norton C, Stuart M, Wright R. Influence of baseline Magnetic Resonance Imaging features on outcome of arthroscopic meniscectomy and physical therapy treatment of meniscal tears in osteoarthritis. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2019 January 17. PMID: 30653921.

MacFarlane LA, Yang H, Collins JE, Jarraya M, Guermazi A, Mandl LA, Martin SD, Wright J, Losina E, Katz JN; MeTeOR Investigator Group. Association of changes in effusion-synovitis and progression of cartilage damage over 18 months in patients with osteoarthritis and meniscal tear. Arthritis & Rheumatology. 2018 August 22. PMID: 30133187.

Luc-Harkey BA, Safran-Norton CE, Mandl LA, Katz JN, Losina E. Associations among knee muscle strength, structural damage, and pain and mobility in individuals with osteoarthritis and symptomatic meniscal tear. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 2018 July 27. PMID: 30049269.

Winter AR, Collins JE, Katz JN. The likelihood of total knee arthroplasty following arthroscopic surgery for osteoarthritis: a systematic review. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 2017 October 4. PMID: 28978308

MacFarlane LA, Yang H, Collins JE, Guermazi A, Jones MH, Teeple E, Xu L, Losina E, Katz JN. Associations among Meniscal Damage, Meniscal Symptoms and Knee Pain Severity. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. 2017 June. PMID: 28043939.

Katz JN, Smith SR, Yang HY, Martin SD, Wright J, Donnell-Fink LA, Losina E. The Value of History, Physical Examination, and Radiographic Findings in the Diagnosis of Symptomatic Meniscal Tear Among Middle-Aged Subjects with Knee Pain. Arthritis Care & Research. 2017 April. PMID: 27390312.

Katz JN, Wright J, Spindler KP, Mandl LA, Safran-Norton CE, Reinke EK, Levy BA, Wright RW, Jones MH, Martin SD, Marx RG, Losina E. Predictors of Outcomes of Crossover to Surgery from Physical Therapy for Meniscal Tear and Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Trial Comparing Physical Therapy and Surgery. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 2016 November 16. PMID: 27852905.

Tuakli-Wosornu YA, Selzer F, Losina E, Katz JN. Predictors of Exercise Adherence in Patients With Meniscal Tear and Osteoarthritis. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation.. 2016 November. PMID: 27296899.

Deshpande BR, Losina E, Smith SR, Martin SD, Wright RJ, Katz JN. Association of MRI findings and expert diagnosis of symptomatic meniscal tear among middle-aged and older adults with knee pain. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 2016 April 11. PMID: 27067990.

Katz JN, Brophy RH, Chaisson CE, de Chaves L, Cole BJ, Dahm DL, Donnell-Fink LA, Guermazi A, Haas AK, Jones MH, Levy BA, Mandl LA, Martin SD, Marx RG, Miniaci A, Matava MJ, Palmisano J, Reinke EK, Richardson BE, Rome BN, Safran-Norton CE, Skoniecki DJ, Solomon DH, Smith MV, Spindler KP, Stuart MJ, Wright J, Wright RW, Losina E.  Surgery versus physical therapy for a meniscal tear and osteoarthritis. New England Journal of Medicine. 2013 May 2. PMID: 23506518.

Katz JN, Chaisson CE, Cole B, Guermazi A, Hunter DJ, Jones M, Levy BA, Mandl LA, Martin S, Marx RG, Safran-Norton C, Roemer FW, Skoniecki D, Solomon DH, Spindler KP, Wright J, Wright RW, Losina E.  The MeTeOR Trial (Meniscal Tear in Osteoarthritis Research): Rationale and design features. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2012 November. PMID: 22968127.

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