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Welcome to the TeMPO Home Exercise Video webpage! Here, you will find videos and instructions to guide you through your Home Exercise Program. We hope that doing these exercises regularly will help make your knee stronger and healthier.


Begin every exercise without any weight.

If you cannot do the exercise, switch to the alternate version of that exercise. Switch back to the primary exercise once you can do the alternate exercise easily, and without any soreness or pain.

Complete the exercises on both legs.

We recommend starting each exercise with the leg that is not painful so you can familiarize yourself with the activity first.

Focus on one exercise at a time.

Complete all sets and repetitions of an exercise on both legs before moving on. For instance, finish your quadriceps exercises on both legs before beginning the hamstring exercises.

Go at your own pace.

Take your time with the exercises, and do them at a comfortable speed to make sure you perform each repetition completely.

Ice your knee for 5-10 minutes after each session (optional).

Do not apply the ice directly to your skin. Instead, place the cold pack in a pillowcase or dishtowel before placing it on your skin.

Do 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Perform up to three sets of 8-12 repetitions for each exercise. Remember to take a small break between each set and a longer one between different exercises if needed.

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Home Exercise Video

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Complete Instructional Video



Explanation of Progression


Gluteus Maximus

Gluteus maximus main exercise-Bent over hip extension


Gluteus maximus alternate exercise-Bridging


Gluteus maximus weighted exercise-Bent over hip extension with weight


Gluteus Medius

Gluteus medius main exercise-Side-lying leg lift without weight

Gluteus medius weighted exercise-Side-lying leg lift with weight

Gluteus medius alternate exercise-Clamshell



Hamstrings main exercise-Standing hamstring curl



Quadriceps main exercise-Straight leg raise without weight

Quadriceps weighted exercise-Straight leg raise with weight

Quadriceps alternate exercise-Seated knee extension


Functional Exercises

Mini squat

Regular chair squat

Staggered chair squat



Hamstring stretch


Side-lying quad stretch


Standing quad stretch



Always remember!

If you experience severe pain or cramping at any point, stop immediately and rest

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